Welcome to SUM City.

Hello. My name is Torraine Orrie Walker, and this is SUM City.

I am a Single Urban Male living in Atlanta, GA. I’m a published writer, full time provocateur and now a blogger. My focus is on pop culture, social issues and the deeper meanings behind the seemingly trivial.

Modern life is chaotic and hectic, so hectic that it’s easy to miss things going on in it. I want to help clarify some of the cultural, social and media clutter. I won’t tell you what to think because hopefully you can do that for yourself. What I hope to do is inspire debate and discussion. I don’t expect you to agree with me on everything. Some of what I say may make you laugh, which is good. Some of it may piss you off, and that’s all good too. But the goal at all times is to keep talking, and more importantly, keep listening.

I’m an urbanite. I love cities. There’s an energy in the city that you get nowhere else. I find people equally fascinating and frustrating.

Let’s think of this as a blind date. Right now we don’t know each other, but we both have expectations of what we’d like and hopefully the expectations match up to the reality. If this first meeting goes well, you’ll be intrigued enough to want to know more.

Let’s see what happens.


Author: Torraine Walker

I'm a writer based in Atlanta, GA.

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